Connect with people, Connect with the world.



Tipllo is a bridge to connecting you and the world.

When we head beyond Japan and look out over the wider world,
we see an expanse of wonders we have never known and surprises beyond our ordinary lives.
Our company was founded with the vision of introducing this feeling of discovery to the people of Japan.

We value our communication with every one of our business partners and customers, and we do our utmost to astonish and delight with our services each and every day. We will continue building bridges that will connect you and the world.

Our internationally experienced staff are ready and waiting to deliver new feelings of discovery to you.

"Our stage is the world."
Not just to connect products, but to connect thoughts: this is our mission.




Trading(import and export)

We import only genuine products, selected by buyers, to Japanese customers at affordable prices. As an import trading company, we maintain our own supply lines from Europe, America, and all around the world in order to offer you the best price.

Product development

We provide planning development, and production and design of OEM and ODM products including private-label products. We value our feeling "I wish there was such a thing".


Our buyers contribute to customers' rise in sales with the latest must-buy products from all over the world. We also provide wholesale services to corporate customers.

Agency business

We have contracts as an exclusive agency and authorized agency with numerous overseas manufacturers, and we support sales and marketing to the Japanese market.


Company name Tipllo,Inc.
Address Naniwa-cho13-38, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka-pref, Japan, 530-0022
Address2 Chiyoda Bldg. Kitakan 7F
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
Founded 1 Aug 2014
Capital stock ¥1,000,000
Main Business Trading(Import and export), Product development, Wholesale, Real estate
Company organizationSales Division, Marketing Division, Support Division, Real Estate Division, Agency Business


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